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We strive to offer you the most technologically advanced the services available today. However, we don’t stop there Dr. Randall Moss and his wife Dr. Ana Moss continue to investigate and develop new options such as hair growth treatment and natural hormone replacement therapy in South Carolina to improve your quality of life. You need go no further than one of our convenient locations to receive your service and care because our consultations, examinations, programs and procedures are performed and administered in-house for the first time we can apply advanced technologies for very early detection, prevention and reversal of age-related disease. Genetic makeup plays a smaller role of breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Higher incidents of such diseases are highly related to high cholesterol and other factors. Correcting and preventing imbalances in hormones, nutrients, toxins, and helping restore optimal functional state can strengthen and help maintain disease free body. Anti-aging and regenerative medicine may help to improve quality of life and maintain healthy functioning mind and body.

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Dr. Alfred Randall Moss is both a physician and pharmacist, who developed this patient friendly weight loss and weight management program.

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